Thermal parks

parchi termali d'ischia

The thermal parks of Ischia are authentic corners of paradise by the sea, ideal places for relaxation and peace where you can spend the whole day. The thermal parks of Ischia are characterised by the presence of numerous seawater or thermal water pools (at different temperatures), surrounded by gardens with exotic plants, which give the environment a unique atmosphere.

One of the most interesting peculiarities of thermalism on the island are the thermal parks of Ischia: Castiglione and ‘O Vagnitiello in Casamicciola Terme, Parco Negombo in Lacco Ameno, Giardini Poseidon in Forio, Tropical and Aphrodite-Apollon in S. Angelo (Serrara Fontana), Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi in Barano. These facilities are based on a very pleasant combination of nature and thermal resources: swimming pools at different temperatures, waterfalls, sunbathing areas, areas dedicated to wellness and beauty treatments, in fact, are immersed in a lush environment of Mediterranean vegetation always with beautiful views, where the effectiveness of thermal and therapeutic treatments is certainly amplified by moments of pleasure and relaxation. In addition, the characteristics of the thermal waters that flow naturally from the depths of the earth in all these parks allow you to choose the facility that best suits the problem you wish to solve. For example, the waters of the Nitrodi spring in Barano are particularly suitable for those with psoriasis problems and in general for skin and digestive system disorders, as it is one of the few waters on the island that is also used for hydropinic treatments, and bathing in Nitrodi is a real beauty treatment for skin that comes out of the showers smooth and free of impurities.

parchi termali d'ischia



The thermal park springs of the Poseidon Gardens in Forio and Castiglione in Casamicciola Terme are effective in the treatment of osteoarticular diseases (such as arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, cervical syndrome, etc.), chronic rheumatic diseases, trauma sequelae, paresis and diseases of the respiratory system. At the Negombo thermal park in Lacco Ameno, in a luxuriant and well-kept park with a large beach in one of the most beautiful bays on the island, there are swimming pools, water courses, whirlpools, tubs, gargoyles, grottos and pools where water – both thermal and sea water – is available in countless variations to be a source of enjoyment and fascination, but also therapy and regeneration with Kneipp pools, Turkish baths and cervical showers. One particular establishment is the Cavascura thermal park: a few hundred metres up the valley of the same name, which can be reached either from Maronti beach or from S. Angelo, there is a series of small, very simple rooms carved out of the stone in which to try out showers and treatments using mud and thermal water, which gushes out here at a very high temperature, so that it is also possible to have natural saunas.



The Negombo thermal park is located in San Montano Bay, one of the most evocative on the island, oyster-shaped, with fine sand and very shallow waters. The Negombo park has several swimming pools with thermal water of different temperatures (some with hydromassage), a private beach and a wellness centre, where it is possible to have massages, mud baths and inhalations. The thermal park of Ischia Negombo is set in a very varied environment, among rocks and Mediterranean plants; designed in the 1950s, it is full of tropical plants, olive trees, aloes, ficus, brooms and very tall palms.

There you can also admire two splendid monuments: “The Arch in Heaven” and “The Eye” by the artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Negombo has several bars, a restaurant, a self-service restaurant and a large car park. During the summer peak period, cabaret and music shows with famous artists are generally organised in the evenings.



The Castiglione thermal park is located in a lush natural basin in the Casamicciola Terme area; it is open in spring and summer, has a panoramic restaurant and a large car park and hotel.

The park is arranged on a large surface on several levels, connected by an internal funicular, with the lowest terrace reaching the sea. The thermal park of Ischia “Il Castiglione” has 10 large swimming pools, 8 of which are thermal, with water temperatures ranging between 30 and 40 degrees.

The Castiglione also has a private beach, a natural sauna, an Olympic-size seawater swimming pool and a beauty farm, with swimming pools, hydromassage and two Kneipp courses.

The Castiglione offers baths, mud baths, inhalations, aerosols and physiotherapy. It is particularly recommended for people suffering from respiratory diseases, locomotion problems due to sports injuries or arthrosis, circulation and skin diseases. It is also suitable for people who simply suffer from stress and want to regenerate. Certainly a period of treatment at the Castiglione helps to regain new energy and improve the state of health.



The Poseidon thermal park is the largest in Ischia and is located in the enchanting bay of Citara. The facility has 20 thermal pools, with waters between 28 and 40 degrees, drawn from the subsoil. The waters of Poseidon are highly mineralised and hyperthermal, therefore particularly suitable for the treatment of osteoarticular and rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases and the after-effects of traumas and paresis.

In the Poseidon thermal park there is also a natural sauna, carved out of tufa rock, and the Japanese bath, a course based on alternating hot and cold (going from 40 degrees to 15), where you walk on pebbles to reactivate circulation. The Poseidon is a thermal paradise, extending over 50,000 square metres of garden rich in plants and flowers, and reaching right up to the seashore. It has an equipped private beach, a boutique, several restaurants, one of which is set in a tufa cave.



Olmitello: the spring is located at the bottom of a quarry, which is the terminal part of the Nitrodi valley towards Maronti beach. The best thing, therefore, is to reach it by climbing up from the beach itself. Its waters are slightly more mineralised than those of Nitrodi, have great diuretic powers and can be drunk freely from the spring.

Sorgeto: this beach, made up of rocks and pebbles, lies at the bottom of a bay facing south-west, and can be reached from the hamlet of Panza via the carriage road and then on foot up 200 steps. The feature that makes this beach unique is the presence of hot thermal water springs that flow directly into the sea, filling pools formed by the rocks, natural thermal pools, so that bathing is possible even in the middle of winter.

Le Fumarole: The Fumarole beach coincides with the westernmost part of Maronti beach, on the S. Angelo side. As its name implies, here the steam is released directly from the sand and the temperature reaches 100°C, making it ideal for those who enjoy boiling sand, but you can also cook potatoes, eggs and chicken in the sand, wrapping them in aluminium foil first.

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