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Ischia terme is one of the most renowned thermal centres in the world and attracts thousands of tourists from every corner of the planet every year. The ancient Greeks, as well as the ancient Romans, knew about the relaxing properties of the waters long before the term wellness was coined.

Many archaeological finds attest to the knowledge and use of Ischia’s thermo-mineral waters by the first Greek settlers, who arrived on the island in the 8th century BC. The Romans used and appreciated these waters, referring to them as “Aquae Aenariae”. In the dark ages of the Middle Ages, the thermal waters were forgotten, only to be given a new boost towards the end of the 16th century, thanks to the Calabrian doctor Giulio Jasolino, a professor at the University of Naples. Having landed on Ischia, Doctor Jasolino was fascinated by the beauty of the area and the numerous springs and realised their potential. He renovated the primitive thermal baths of Ischia and wanted to personally test their effectiveness, bringing patients suffering from various diseases to the island.

He studied the composition and nature of the various waters and published the first and most famous work on thermalism: “De rimedi naturali che sono nell’isola di ‘Pithaecusa’, isola oggi detta di Ischia” (“On the natural remedies that are in the island of ‘Pithaecusa’, the island now called Ischia”).
The first thermal baths of Ischia were built near the springs and reached their peak at the end of the 19th century, when the island became Ischia Terme. At that time, illustrious doctors, such as Gian Andrea D’Aloisio, E. Chevalley De Rivaz, Vincenzo Morgera and many others, conducted studies on the waters and on Ischia Terme.

During the first and second world wars there was a pause in the use and frequentation of the thermal baths of Ischia, but the new revival took place between the end of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1950s. Cavalier Angelo Rizzoli, a Milanese film-maker and publisher, gave a new and modern approach to Ischia Terme, not only from a structural point of view, but also on the scientific front.
Thanks also to the production of numerous films set on the island and shown all over the world, Ischia became an internationally renowned health resort, renowned for its wellness and an environment that promotes the psycho-physical well-being of the individual.

The secret of the waters of Ischia terme lies in the volcanic origin of the island: the water absorbs a series of minerals, depending on the type of rock with which it reacts chemically, and, coming into contact with the body, returns a positive impact.

terme a ischia


The water of the thermal baths of Ischia collects at great depths, in real underground lakes, which give rise to different basins. In addition to its relaxing effect, the thermal water of the island, rich in minerals, is above all a therapeutic water, harbinger of beneficial effects on the body. A thermal bath is regenerating, stimulates the metabolism, helps to relax and improves sleep.

The water of Ischia terme has a strong action on the cardiovascular system, so a thermal bath should not last too long. This special water cures various pathologies: rheumatic problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation of the sciatic nerve, after-effects of fractures and surgery, inflammation of the respiratory tract, skin diseases. The waters also have a positive effect on the ageing process, smooth the skin and help combat cellulite.

Every day you can benefit from thermal treatments in Ischia. At the numerous and specialised thermal centres, you can enjoy therapeutic, relaxing and aesthetic treatments.

The water of the thermal baths of Ischia is useful to everyone, both to those who are well, to keep healthy and increase physical fitness, and to those who have health problems, especially if they are chronic diseases.

Thermal cures in Ischia are carried out according to the most ancient techniques, with a very long tradition handed down from father to son.

A quality seaside holiday is definitely the right time to devote special attention to your body, in the name of well-being.

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