Snorkeling in Ischia

praticare snorkeling a Ischia

Even those who are not familiar with the sea can easily practice snorkelling in their free time without any kind of licence or special physical training. In addition, a balancing jacket can be used which, when properly inflated, allows you to float without the slightest effort.

The NEMO association will take tourists and residents on an underwater journey through the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean, showing exciting discoveries just a few metres from the surface of the sea.

The guides of the Nemo association, personnel with a degree in marine environmental disciplines and patents as Snorkelling and Diving Guides, will guarantee maximum safety and introduce you to the complex world of marine biology and the unique characteristics of the sea of Ischia.

Based on the specific skills of the NEMO operators, particular key points of the coast have been identified, with important ecological and morphological characteristics, where unique and fascinating snorkelling excursions can be carried out. Excursions are offered from land. Boat trips are available on request. Those taking part in the excursion receive full equipment (light wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel and balancing jacket).

The Nemo Association is authorised to carry out excursions within the “Regno di Nettuno” Protected Marine Area.

il regno di nettuno d'ischia


During the summer period we periodically hold snorkelling courses, carried out according to PSS teaching methods and recognised internationally. The course comes with an instruction manual which the student consults, module by module, before attending the lesson.

The course is aimed at children aged between 6 and 10/12 years old and has the objective of

  • to enhance the participants’ aquatic skills by teaching specific snorkelling techniques, hints of apnea and safety at sea;
  • transmitting environmental awareness to participants and stimulating respect for the life forms that populate the sea, by teaching some basic notions of biology and recognition of the main marine species.

The course is structured in six lessons, three of theory alternated with three of practice at sea. The theory lessons cover the basics of snorkelling, apnea, planning, safety procedures and first aid, Mediterranean marine biology. The lessons at sea consist of exercises to put into practice what has been studied in the classroom. At the end of the course, a PSS certificate of participation “Diploma of Paladin of the Sea” is issued.

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