Regno di Nettuno

il regno di nettuno d'ischia

Not only on the mainland but also in the water the volcanicorigin of the  island appears in its multitude of aspects, very distinctive rock formations. The flora and fauna make up a unique variety of fish in the Mediterranean sea. Shallow submerged caves and natural arches allow exciting underwater exploration, can excite the most experienced divers and snorkelers. Just off the coast of Ischia there are very few colonies of whales, sperm whales and dolphins. To protect a unique ecosystem, four zones have been established where only certain activities are permitted.In particularly

sensitive areas A and B n.t. (No touch), but diving and

snorkeling are permitted. Areas B, C and D there are

specific rules to regulate navigation, water sports and


la cartina del regno di nettuno di ischia

George Berkeley

The Island of Ischia is an epitome of hills , valleys , rocks, jagged mountains, fertile plaines and arid mountains all thrown in a romantic confusion.The area, in warm season is constantly cooled by breezes that blow from the sea…. The hills are covered with vines, chestnut, trees, as well as of myrtle and mastic .Several sources add to the beauty of this scenary which is highlighted by the variety of places sterile and naked rocks . Completes the picture the large mountain that standsin the center of the island: Mount Epomeo. Its summit is a sharp rock where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the world , from the promontory of Anzio at Cape Palinuro,land sung by Homer and Virgilio

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