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Ischia is a relatively small island, or if you prefer, relatively large. It has a perimeter of about 33 kilometers and a state road that goes around the island, with many small streets that lead to the discovery of places that are nothing short of enchanting.

There are many ways to visit it: 1 – You can walk around it, but… it certainly takes too much time. 2 – You can drive around it, but… you may encounter some difficulties in parking and traveling on narrow roads. 3 – You can travel by bus, but… you can’t reach all the most hidden corners.

To eliminate all the “buts”, let’s rent a scooter… put on a helmet and drive carefully.

With your own vehicle or rented, the scooter is the best way to get around Ischia during the summer. Riding a scooter in Ischia gives a feeling of freedom as you travel through the narrow island streets. With a scooter, it’s easy to park (in the summer, parking a vehicle on the island can become really difficult), you have an exceptional view of the blue sea panorama, and you can take advantage of all that Ischia offers, moving easily and freely from one end of the island to the other, chasing events and appointments.

Renting a scooter in Ischia becomes almost mandatory for those who want to fully enjoy all the opportunities that the island offers, from breathtaking views to natural springs, passing through thermal parks and must-see gardens. There are several activities on the island that offer scooter rental in Ischia, generally concentrated near the tourist ports.

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The road system of the island “revolves” around a road that allows for the “Island tour”, the SS270 national road, which is about 33 kilometers long. On the national road, there are various branches, more or less marked, that lead to the discovery of the interior of the island territory, which is interesting from a historical point of view, rich in natural beauty and traditions.

The SS270 national road is predominantly a two-lane road (one lane for each direction of travel), it is not a high-speed road, and it is always advisable, for safety reasons, to keep to the right side of the lane as much as possible.

From Ischia Porto, going left (looking at the sea), after about 5 km, you will find the municipality of Casamicciola. For those who use a scooter in Ischia, it is easy to understand that they have reached Casamicciola, as the port is visible from the promenade, with moorings for passenger ships and pleasure boats.

Turning left at the roundabout, which is in front of the right arm of the port, you can reach Casamicciola Alta (Piazza Bagni, La Sentinella, La Rita, and Piazza Maio).

Continuing the journey, after about 2 kilometers, the view of a mushroom-shaped rock in the sea allows the scooter rider to understand that they are in Lacco Ameno. At this point, you have a pleasant option: to travel along the center promenade of Lacco Ameno, if it is open to vehicular traffic, or, alternatively, continue the route on the outer ring road. In any case, you will end up back on the national road.

After traveling another 4 kilometers, mainly on internal roads, you reach Forio, with its port. Here is a much appreciated opportunity for those who rent scooters in Ischia: by keeping to the right, you can travel along the beautiful promenade of Forio up to the Citara square. Going back for about 400 meters, you will arrive back on the national road and, after about 2 kilometers, you will arrive in the fraction of Panza. At this point, a branch of about 2 kilometers leads to Sant’Angelo. After Panza, 3 kilometers of uphill road lead to Serrara. From this village, you can admire a beautiful panorama of Sant’Angelo. After 2 kilometers, you reach the square of Fontana, at about 450 meters above sea level, where the branch opens to reach Mount Epomeo, the highest peak of the island.

Continuing the journey after Fontana, the “descent” towards Buonopane (about 4 km) begins; on the road, you can see signs to reach (on foot) the Nitrodi spring. Continuing, 2 kilometers after Buonopane, you reach the center of Barano, with Piazza San Rocco, and after the square, you will find the branch (about 2 kilometers) for the Maronti beach, the longest and one of the most beautiful in Ischia.

After Barano, continuing for 2 kilometers, you will encounter the ancient aqueduct (“I Pilastri”), whose sight is a sign of having arrived in the municipality of Ischia. Shortly after “I Pilastri,” there is the branch for the center of Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. Continuing, instead, to travel along the national road, after about 2 km, you will return to the starting point of this itinerary.

With scooter rental in Ischia, it is, therefore, possible to experience the Island to the fullest and enjoy all its beauty.


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